Where in the World is Sir Maximus?

In 2015, Columbia Southern University announced our mascot, the Knight. We then took it one step further and introduced you to the CSU Knight, Sir Maximus, who graduated from CSU with a Bachelor of Arts degree in chivalry with a concentration in heroic acts. He truly is the stuff storybooks are made of.

One student in particular, Sir Jim Shaw of Georgia, felt so enamored by the Knight and all he stood for that he decided Sir Maximus needed to experience a few adventures. He has since chronicled these knightly adventures in the CSU Facebook closed group, a private community of chivalrous CSU students and alumni.

Sir Maximus has really shown his true colors since meeting Jim Shaw—quoting Einstein, showing his cluttered desk (which is said to be a sign of genius!), and even posing for a picture with the whole Shaw family.

Jim says he likes Sir Maximus for three reasons: the “old-school approach to honor, integrity and service before self” for which Sir Maximus stands, the fact that he “represents a school that has blessed me with many challenges and opportunities,” and frankly, Jim says, Sir Maximus is just fun to stage in different scenarios.

“I like doing the pictures because it is really out of my comfort zone and it challenges me. It also gives me the opportunity to have fun and show my creative side.”

Jim began his first degree program at CSU in 2003. He worked as a technician at Procter & Gamble on a rotating shift and needed to be present at home for his wife and children; because of this, the online classes and open enrollment that CSU offered made it a great fit.

“The classes gave me a strong educational foundation that enabled me to bridge my past military experience, work experience, and future goals all into one package. I served in the United States Navy as a cryptologist and in the Georgia Army National Guard as an intelligence analyst. The classes allowed me to hone the skills I learned in the service for a civilian career.”

Since beginning at CSU, Jim has completed three degrees and is working on the fourth, a master’s degree in emergency services management. He now works for Equinox Chemicals as the environmental health and safety manger, volunteers with the Civil Air Patrol as a lieutenant colonel, has been named the chairman of the Albany Technical College Industrial System Advisory Board, has been invited as the keynote speaker for many safety functions, and is currently writing a book titled “7 Actions, 7 Values, and the Principled Safety Culture,” which is set to be published this year.

“None of this would be possible without the support of my wife, Michelle, and family. They have all sacrificed and given of their time away from me to follow my dreams and live up to my own expectations. I hope that it shows my kids that they can accomplish a lot when they set their mind to it.”

Jim sounds worthy of knighthood to us!

Author: lucinda.taylor

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