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I left for boot camp in 1982. I guess you can say I joined in January 1981. They had the “Delayed Entry Program” back then. During that time, they had an advertisement slogan stating it’s not just a job but an adventure! Well, it sure was an adventure for me. I went in as a corpsman and later in my career, I was accepted into the Independent Duty Corpsman School (IDC). This happened during a time when they were very selective and were not admitting females into that school readily. They allowed one female to a class, if even that! That was a big win-fall for me, and I was proud to represent the NEC 8425s. I was also dual military. My spouse and I took turns being deployed. One of those deployments turned out to be the first Gulf War! I left a very young five-month-old baby with two other boys at home with my husband. It was a challenge but we both survived! We managed through it all to raise those three boys into wonderful young men. My husband and I will be celebrating 33 years of a happy marriage this November. Some would say that being a dual military family is impossible and those marriages are not successful. I say it made our marriage stronger! I am very active in my church. I am an ordained Eldress, teach bible study in the city jails every week, and travel throughout the state to the state-run prisons. My “second career” turned out to be medical education. I have been a departmental educational chair for more than 11 years. Through this career choice, I have been blessed to receive a number of corporate awards, several divisional awards and local campus awards. I love what I do. My CSU degree, which I earned suma cum laude, hangs proudly in my office for all students to see when they enter.


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Lori Bedford

Class of 2012, BS Health Care Administration

Named 2014 Woman of the Year with
National Association of Professional Women

Author: lucinda.taylor

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