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bradley jumperAs his time with the Army is soon coming to a close, Bradley Jumper is looking to move back to his roots near Mobile, Alabama. He hopes to begin his civilian career in information technology as a system administrator.

Jumper earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Information Technology from CSU in 2014, where he attended graduation and was honored to receive his commencement address from, and speak to, Colonel Oliver North.

“It was so cool to meet and hear from Oliver North. That was definitely a highlight of graduating,” he said.

Jumper was active duty while completing his bachelor’s degree, completing his assignments while on an extended 15-month tour in Afghanistan. He recognizes that time management and keeping priorities in proper order are of the utmost importance; while serving his country and completing his degree, he was also serving in his most important role as husband and father.

“I got my GED and I wasn’t headed in the right direction for a while. I was the first one in my family to complete a degree and I am very proud of that. I am now just trying to set the best example for my two boys.”

When Jumper and his family move back to Alabama, he hopes to complete a second degree with CSU, this time in information systems security.

“IT takes me out of my comfort zone. I grew up pretty poor and my family never had a computer. I started in the Army as a radio operator and that job didn’t have anything to do with computers; I didn’t even know how to add an attachment to an email. Getting out of my comfort zone and completing a degree that could take me so many places drove me to finish.”

Jumper will also continue to serve his country through the Alabama National Guard part time.

When asked what he most wants his young sons to learn, he responded, “I want them to know how to work hard. That education is vital for success. Family is always the priority.”

Jumper is also a member of the CSU Knights Run virtual club, where he interacts with fellow students and alumni through the mutual interest of running. He says running and fitness are a huge stress reliever for him and he hopes to get back to his prime when he was training at Ft. Bragg in North Carolina.

“I was running five to six miles a day, five days a week. Lately, my fitness has taken a backseat but I want to run more, participate in local races, and get involved in CrossFit. It’s something I really enjoy and I thrive on working toward and completing goals.”

In his roles in his career, family, education and leading a healthy lifestyle, Staff Sgt. Jumper personifies the qualities needed to succeed: dedication, goal setting, drive and hard work. Jumper leaves this important legacy for his children and his fellow CSU alumni family.

Author: lucinda.taylor

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