DEAC Outstanding Graduate and Famous Alumni

CSU is Proud to Announce its 2015 DEAC Outstanding Graduate and Famous Alumni recipients. Selection criteria included the graduates’ academic records and their commitment to society and their professions. We are excited to share their inspirational and significant accomplishments with you!

Famous Alumni

Tracy Barnes  |  Durango, Colorado

She is a shining example of fortitude and genuine sportsmanship.

Tracy Barnes was looking for a way to acquire an education amid constant travel when she first learned about Columbia Southern University. Not one to shy away from hard work, she earned her bachelor’s in marketing in September 2014, getting her one step closer to her dream of starting her own company.

Prior to completing her bachelor’s degree, Tracy trained for the Olympic sport of biathlon for 16 years with her team, Twin Biathletes. She has competed in the 2002 World Junior Olympics, earning the silver medal, and the 2006 Winter Olympics. While enrolled in CSU, she also trained and qualified for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

During this time, she earned the 2014 United Nations International Fair Play Award for giving up her spot in the Olympics to her twin sister, who was unable to qualify due to illness. Tracy is also a guest speaker and motivator to schoolchildren all over the U.S. and serves as a role model to all ages for her hard work and dedication.

Since earning her degree, Tracy has founded and started her own company, T.O.P Shooting Institute. The institute teaches and enforces an elite level of training to military, law enforcement, competitive shooters and hunters the critical skills of performing under stress.

She is both the CEO and head shooting instructor for T.O.P. Shooting Institute, as well as a sponsored athlete for Advanced Technology International.

“It’s amazing how things will come into your life and make an incredible impact on not only your future, but who you are and how you set out to impact the world around you. CSU opens a door for growth and helps you achieve what you never thought possible,” Tracy Barnes says.

Outstanding Graduate

Craig D’Souza  |  Toronto, Canada

Earning his degree was the catalyst to the next phase of his life.

Born in India, Craig D’Souza graduated summa cum laude in 2012 from Columbia Southern University. His decision to continue his education and earn his MBA was based on a crossroads in his career.

After researching several online schools, Craig finally chose CSU for its flexible online format and enrollment options.

Craig currently resides in Canada and operates as the senior director of corporate investigations at AFIMAC. He is responsible for leading the investigations department across all lines of business and clients. His talents include organized crime, significant fraud and counterfeit incidents. Prior to this position, Craig worked as a national special investigations team leader for Target, where he assisted and led the development of the special investigations team in order to resolve complex internal and external investigations.

Craig is a member of the DET Honor Society, president of the DECA Ontario chapter, a student ambassador for the Student Leaders at McGivney, a volunteer to several causes, and continues to become engaged in his community. As a former detective constable with the Toronto Police Service with an MBA, he is able to relate to his clients from both a security and business standpoint.

“Law enforcement is continually growing more and more complex and is now being run more like a business. Earning an MBA has given me the pedigree and skills to effect change in an upper management position.”

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Andie Bills

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