CSU Saturday in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Since the beginning of the CSU Vietnam program, a variety of recruitment marketing strategies have been developed and improved by the Center for International Training Cooperation (CITC), CSU’s representative in Vietnam. Saturday Coffee is an interesting initiative that has been
offered since 2014 in Ho Chi Minh City (also called Saigon).

This event is based on a habit of Saigon people who enjoy going out on the weekends, visiting a nice café with their family and friends. In this kind of cozy atmosphere, nothing can prevent them from relaxing with their beloveds and sharing their emotions and life while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee or local special breakfast.

CSU Vietnam selected luxury Molinari Café on the corner of Ho Chi Minh campus to promote the Saturday Coffee event. This is an office area where many large companies are located. This is also a favorite coffee shop where middle-class business people and young couples prefer to visit. A CSU table was set up to display knight mascots, brochures and small gifts. CSU purchased the first drink for each guest, whether they were a student or not. This was a welcomed surprise and done in good faith to those who had not yet heard about CSU. CSU Vietnam team members were present to answer any questions about the programs.

This also presents an opportunity to students and graduates to meet each other. Students can share their learning experiences with other schoolmates, discuss the courses, expand their social relationships and just have fun. With CSU team members present, students can ask questions regarding their learning that they could not necessarily address in the classroom.

With a network of more than 2,000 students and graduates, it is the goal for CSU Vietnam to join together in the CSU Vietnam Chapter. Some official and unofficial meetings have been held in the past but Saturday Coffee has by far been the most successful. Saturday Coffee is a new idea to gradually link students and graduated together and proves the idiom true that “every little bit helps.”

Author: lucinda.taylor

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