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It has never been a secret that CSU alumni are talented and esteemed professionals in their fields. Throughout the years, we have heard countless stories of students who have graduated from CSU and gone on to accomplish great things. Some of these alumni are now filling the shelves of the CSU Alumni Library, a place where the Alumni Relations department can gather the written works of CSU graduates, most autographed, and watch as the collection continues to grow.

Rescued by Brian Brown with Eileen Chambers
Rescued is a book you may have heard about, if only from the featured story in the CSU Alumni Magazine! Rescued captures the miraculous story of Brown, his wife, and daughter as they experienced a weekend getaway gone terribly wrong and a miracle that no one would have previously thought possible. Brown’s story has been featured on the TODAY show, 700 Club, and more.

Don’t Slip in the Mustard
by Thomas Stacey
Don’t Slip in the Mustard is a practical and game-tested guide for teaching the game of basketball. Its pages contain sound advice, Stacey’s coaching philosophy, drills, photos, and other first-hand knowledge. Stacey shares real-life stories of life as a coach and how those lessons can be translated on and off the court. The book is geared toward young athletes, coaches, and parents alike.
Oblivious by Janie S. Monares

This novel is not the first, but the ninth bestseller for CSU graduate, Janie Monares. Oblivious is the story of Patrick Sterling, a powerful businessman, who falls in love with his assistant, Raycie. Raycie has dealt with many rejections throughout her life and suffered the consequences. When she comes to her senses, she runs to Patrick who, little does she know, has some secrets of his own.

Change Those Sheets! The Art of Self-Encouragement, Valarie Moyer
Featured in The Empowered Woman, edited by Linda Ellis Eastman
This book features the writings of many talented women, one of whom is CSU’s own Valarie Moyer. In Moyer’s piece, she explains the art of self-encouragement as you not only “lie in the bed you made” but also operate with the initiative to change anything about that bed that does not serve you well. Her philosophy of finding your own encouragement follows the steps of loving yourself, loving others, showing prudence, and having faith.

Remote Network Management for Optical Networks, Bell Labs Technical Journal, James W. Haworth, Jr. and John A. Liffrig

Mr. Haworth is the director of Lucent Technologies Global Network Operations Centers (GNOC) and a CSU alumnus. His work in remote network management of optical networks helps explain the technology advances that have enabled the revolution in network management. By adopting this technology at the Lucent GNOC, they continue to grow and provide unparalleled levels of network service at a significantly lower cost.

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