A Note from Your Alumni President


Hello fellow Knights.

Once again, I am honored to be able to address you as your alumni association president.

For those of you who are keeping up with CSU on social media, you will notice more and more regional alumni associations being populated. This is such wonderful news and one that each of you should be proud of.

There is nothing more important than supporting the same institution that granted us our degrees. As your president, I accepted the challenge as an alumnus and, in addition, took on the role as an adjunct professor. In both instances, I was very excited about filling the roles. Over the years, I have purchased shirts and sports apparel that represent CSU.

I have been approached and asked about the university and spoke quite proudly of the curriculum and cost of the courses. In addition, I am very proud of how far we have come in the 24 years since our inception. This road is one that should fill us all with pride.

In January, I had the opportunity to teach some English classes at a private school in Spain and was very proud to wear my CSU shirt and tie. I was questioned about the university and I think the students may have been more excited about the location on the beach than the opportunity to obtain the degree, but in either case, they now know about us.

I would encourage every one of you to take the opportunity to speak of CSU and what it has to offer.

We are the voices of success! We are the examples of hard work paying off.
To every one of my fellow alumni, I wish you success with your upcoming endeavors. You will prevail as Knights of CSU.

With utmost honor and pride,

Ralph Blessing, CSU Alumni Association President

Author: lucinda.taylor

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