A Note from the President of the Alumni Association

To my Fellow Alumni:

Ralph BlessingI am very privileged to be able to address you from the FIRST edition of the CSU Alumni Magazine. What makes this even more exciting is the fact that we, as alumni, have the opportunity for many firsts.

As many of you may know, we are on an uphill climb to establish what I know will be an outstanding alumni organization to go along with a GREAT university. Many of you may hear comments concerning having graduated from an online university, but we have the opportunity to prove those naysayers wrong in many instances. On numerous occasions, I have quipped that since we do not have a big campus or sporting programs, we are able to focus more on quality of education and educators, in addition to getting this outstanding education at a reasonable cost.

The professional staff members supporting us are focused on making BIG things happen; however, that requires our continuous and sincere support. We, collectively, need to put together our hearts and minds, just as we did in our endeavors to obtain our degrees, to make it all happen. Without us, nothing is going to happen. You have already proven once that you are capable of achieving what many of you thought was improbable or even impossible. Why not continue with this fervor?

I challenge each and every one of you, as I do myself, to make the CSU Alumni Association an organization of which to be proud and one of which others will want to be a part.

Work with me and CSU!

Most sincerely,

Ralph Blessing
President of the CSU Alumni Association

Author: Libby Reilly

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