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Dear Readers,

Our alumni are truly some of the most remarkable people I have had the pleasure of knowing. You are war heroes, boardroom powerhouses, Wall Street moguls, and public servants who sacrifice every day for the communities you serve. You inspire all of us at Columbia Southern University and you make it easy and enjoyable to share your stories.

As our world faces this unfortunate, and often scary, climate with the COVID-19 crisis, I have seen many of you bring positivity and hope to your communities. You are on the front lines as business owners, public servants and health care workers. Your CSU family is here for you and we will get through this together.

We have all heard the platitudes: “Be out of this world” and “shoot for the moon,” but for CSU alumnus Caleb Mims, those phrases ring true. Mims, a captain in the Army National Guard, set his career sights on cybersecurity and now runs the Mission Systems Security Center for the Mission Control Center at NASA and he accomplished this all before his 30th birthday. You can read his story on Page 12.

In this edition of the magazine, we want to start a new tradition that we are calling the Boast Post. This is an opportunity to highlight things that you all are doing, both big and small, that deserve some recognition. Were you recently promoted, recognized in your community for volunteer work, or achieved some other incredible milestone? If you have achieved it, we want to brag about it.

Email CSU-Alumni@ColumbiaSouthern.edu with the subject line “Boast Post” and then head to Page 17 to read more about the exciting things happening in the lives of fellow Knights.

Some may say the curriculum, service and flexibility have made CSU what it is, and that may be true. But, we would be nowhere without our shining alumni. Thank you for being a part of the CSU family.

Happy reading,


Libby Reilly




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