At CSU, we really
love to brag on you!

Maybe you stepped up to the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps you were recognized for a job well done with a new job or promotion. Maybe you made a difference in your community or earned another degree. Whatever it is, we want to give you an opportunity to shine.

Clay Hess | Class of 2008

After earning his MBA, Hess left his job in Silicon Valley to start his own firm, Webolution Designs, and teach at a local technical college. Hess, of Aniwa, Wisconsin, is currently working on a project with a nonprofit organization to start a college in South Africa.

Travis McGaha | Class of 2015
B.S. in Fire Administration

McGaha joined fellow firefighters to create the North Carolina Firefighter Cancer Alliance. This nonprofit organization supports those in the fire service who are facing occupational cancer. They have also developed the Concord Decontamination Model, a nationally recognized standard that is now used in fire departments across the nation, including the National Fire Academy.

Mary Goldin | Class of 2016
MBA in Healthcare Management

Mary Elizabeth Goldin has been named the executive director for the Loudoun Free Clinic in Virginia. She previously served as the executive director of consumer experience and director of surgical specialties with Kaiser Permanente.

Orville Wright | Class of 1999, 2001

Wright, of Alabaster, Alabama, was awarded a contract with the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct mediation for its employees, including air traffic controllers. Additionally, Wright has secured contracts with the United States Postal Service, Social Security Administration and the American Arbitration Association.

Collin Desjardins | Class of 2020
A.S. in Occupational Safety and Health

After taking a chance on himself and changing companies, Desjardins was promoted to environmental health and safety specialist, the goal he set when he began his degree program. The single father from Spartanburg, South Carolina, says his next goal is to complete his bachelor’s degree from CSU.

Kim LaNeve | Class of 2020

Kim LaNeve is the newest loan officer at MidAtlantic Farm Credit in East New Market, Maryland. She previously worked for the company as a customer service representative. Growing up on a local grain and poultry farm, LaNeve will take her experience with the community to assist them in their financial needs.

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