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Social media is something we hear about every day. Pick any news outlet and they will be discussing what an actor, singer, politician or athlete has been posting about on social media. Social media has become a news source in place of the newspaper. It is common that it is the first thing people check as soon as they wake up. No matter how much you fight or embrace it, social media is a part of our culture, and therefore, our job searches. It is important to be authentic across social platforms, but also create a personal brand for future employers to view.

Being yourself online is easier for some than others, but it is still something to take seriously. There is a difference between private and public profiles. Certain platforms should remain private for friends and family, and others are meant to be public in order to market yourself for potential co-workers and employers. It is obvious that everything posted should be

respectable, even on your private profiles, because what you post can always get into someone else’s hands. Treat those platforms like you are in person. If it is not something you would want someone to hear coming out of your mouth, then it’s likely it shouldn’t be posted on a social media platform.

What to take away from being on social media is to be yourself, be authentic, but keep in mind that people do see the posts. Potential employers are not just looking at your LinkedIn profile, but are searching for the heart of who you are across other social platforms, as well. People can post more bravely than they would act in person because they are not face-to-face. Be smart, be respectful and don’t feed in to the negativity that the online world can thrive on. If you still find yourself struggling on what to post or what not to post, a good rule of thumb is that if you’re questioning it, then it’s probably best not to post. inline Rectangle

Social Media
for Job Seekers

Written by: Katelyn Garrison, Career Development Counselor

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