Photo of Eric Simmons with white hard had, safety glasses, orange safety vest, arms crossed, smiling, construction site in background


Eric Simmons

An Outstanding Safety Professional

Each year, CSU chooses one student or alumni who is making waves in the world of safety for the Outstanding Safety Professional Award. This year, Eric Simmons stood out above the crowd for his success and dedication at Helix Electric in Temecula, California.

While he began his career at Helix 14 years ago, Simmons stepped into the role of corporate safety director three years ago. During 2020, he has focused much of his attention on keeping employees safe with COVID-19 policies.

“When I transitioned into my role as a corporate safety director, I already had several professional safety certifications and a good knowledge of safety processes,” Simmons said.

 Completing my degree opened up doors for me to continue to advance professionally   — Eric Simmons, CSU Alumni
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